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“Not so unlike many artists, my initial impression of a successful piece is that of a nearly self-evident product of my own pure invention. On some level, such a description is arguably valid. However, collage aspects are ultimately borrowed by their very condition, as extraneously sourced elements. But this same assumption about such admittedly imported materials becomes more muddle and mystery through my vigorous efforts of corruption and reinvention. Most things submitted to my merrily maniacal artistic re-workings usually cannot escape some measure of severe changes and rearrangements. And while my art features images of familiar objects and "props" of everyday reality, even the most ordinary things may be promoted to the extra-ordinary in the new context of the artwork. I see much of my work as visual experiments connecting the real and the illusionistic through infinite combinations of paint and other ordinary stuff. The small objects I literally stick in the picture are often just bits and scraps of things. Any other time, they would likely be swept up with the rubbish. But for me, this specially chosen detritus is truly compelling. Tiny details add up big in the realm of the hand held and closely examined. To paraphrase, as I cull the living flower of art, perhaps new forms of recognition will grow from within the composite sediment and pigment layers.”


  (Note: My above thoughts regarding collage also apply and hold true for my “Digital Photo Collage” work, as displayed throughout this website.)


CURRICULUM VITAE: Professional Artist


Recent Exhibition Record


2017     Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI: “Structural Layers”


2017    Russell Center, Detroit, MI: “The Dirty Show 18th Annual Exhibition”


2016    Flow Art Space, St Paul, MN: “Featured Artist – September 2016”


2016    Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL: “31st Annual Tallahassee International”


2016    The Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN: “Remembering Eugene Debs”


2016    Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA: “Chaos National Juried Exhibition”


2016    OPEN Center for the Arts, Chicago, IL: “Surreal Exhibition”


2016     Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, IL: “The Beauty Show”


2016    Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin, IL: “Good/Bad/Ugly Exhibition”


2016     Russell Center, Detroit, MI: “The Dirty Show 17th Annual Exhibition”


2014    Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL: “BAC 2014 Annual Competition”


2013     Artist Portfolio Magazine, Issue 17. Dec. 2013: “SF vs Chicago, Featured Artist”


2013     Chicago, IL: Community Art Exhibition – “18th Street Pilsen Open Studios”





Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. PhD, Performance Studies – Interdisciplinary Concentration: Art History, 1995 – 2006. Dissertation (Link): “The Art of Janine Antoni: Labor, Gender and the Object of Performance." To learn more click here»


University of Illinois, Chicago, IL. Master of Fine Arts, Painting, 1980 – 1982


Independent Sabbatical: Paris, FR; Rome, IT; London, GB; Berlin, DE; Amsterdam, NL; Bruges, DK; Barcelona, ES; Madrid, ES; Istanbul, TR; Venice, IT; Florence, IT, 2014 – 2015



Teaching Experience


College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL. Adjunct Instructor, Liberal Arts Division – Art. Designed and taught: “Art History – Prehistoric to 1300”.


School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL. Instructor, Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism. Designed and taught:


    “Labor, Gender and the ‘Work’ of Art”.

    “Current Issues in Art Theory”.

    “Courbet, Manet and the French 19th Century”.

    “Origins of Modernism” (co-instructor: Christopher Cutrone).


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