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My new website—a bright little window on my world. Behold, a relatively brief and selective glimpse of a long and difficult journey. It’s nearly a decade of coming into my own again from the lengths of a hard-trodden path, cobbling together my mature art-making practice. It might be summed up neatly if I were to describe myself as a “re-emerging artist”.


This site is organized in a standard way; according to the Menu Bar at the top of the page. However, there are two basic distinctions to keep in mind when viewing the site:


  1. Most of the site attempts to “flesh” me out a bit with some personal points related to my strivings as a serious and unique artist, including portfolio samples of my work. However, the “E-COMMERCE SECTION” enables collectors and fans to purchase a variety of Digital-Collage prints, or just one “Special Sale: Painting-Collage artwork.”
  3. I create two types of art: “Painting-Collage” and “Digital Collage.” Painting-Collage may be viewed by some as “mixed media,” or even a bit of light “assemblage.” However, this category has more in common with the thickly layered oil and pigment on canvas works produced for centuries in Europe, though at this point I work exclusively with acrylic paint and mediums. But I almost always use a rigid surface to combine paint with all manner of what become strangely compatible scraps of sometimes spiked/other times curly-cued hardware, old silk curtains and day glow satin ribbon make a truly singular pictorial composed of tangible space-in-time material versus light traces and sophisticated “virtual” scenes. Digital-Collage is, of course a more modern form of graphic art that uses color, line, texture, and modulation ultimately based in photographic technology and its progeny. An image may be quite remote and insubstantial in everyday terms, yet it sets up fascinating possibilities as collage components to examine varied types of reality and illusion, especially simultaneously. And while it may lack the same tangibility and unique object-in-itself existence, it is possible to shrink or enlarge Digital-Collage works in proportion as needed or required.


This website will be regularly updated. Please come back and visit my website often! And by all means, your comments, questions, and any related advice will be greatly appreciated.


~ Stephanie Karamitsos

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